Short Form Documentary

As well as working within traditional broadcast landscapes, I pitch, produce, shoot and edit short social documentaries mainly focusing on environmental and conservation stories and also enjoy showcasing innovations in the scientific and climate space. Below is a selection of my favourite projects!

60 Second Docs

Seaweed Sexpert

Dr. Georgina Wood is a seaweed sex expert. Through Operation Crayweed, the scientist helps repopulate crayweed, a seaweed native to Sydney that disappeared because of poor water quality. Transplanting seaweed to help it reproduce is no easy feat, but for the seaweed, it’s worth it.

60 Second Docs

Knitting Nannas

 The Nannas collectively support anti-greed efforts in their fight against gas and oil corporations. Knitting might be in their name, but enacting change -- even when it means risking arrest -- is the goal of their game.

BBC Earth

The Compost Consultant

Turning our food waste into compost instead of sending it to landfill could help slow down climate change! Meet founder of Compost Power, Domingo Morales - a New Yorker with a passion for composting ♻️

BBC Earth

LA Microfarms

How can we use small spaces in cities to maximise biodiversity?

Jamiah Hargins is an urban gardener based in LA, who has created a water-recycling microfarm in a front yard, which provides fresh food for the local community