About Me.

Working as an assistant producer for major long form wildlife and factual documentaries, I have worked on programmes involving complex underwater shoot logistics, international locations, and highly sensitive environments. I pride myself on strong story skills and always putting the narrative first.

Working also within the impact producing space, I have a strong sense of storytelling with a purpose, and hope to continue to work on impact campaigns and conservation messaging. 

My ability to build relationships is one of my strongest skills, and has enabled me to film powerful interviews and sensitive actuality, including filming an eight-hour labour for 'Big Miracles'.


Recent Projects

BBC Natural History Unit



Digital Producer (self-shooting)

My current position as a digital producer on the impact campaigns for Green Planet and Frozen Planet, I work across designing and producing multiplatform content for the BBC Earth audiences whilst managing relationships between NGOs and broadcasters. 

National Geographic / Disney+

Secrets of the Octopus

Assistant Producer

A three-part natural history series about the life of octopuses. Coming to Disney+ in 2024, I worked on this series through early pre-green light development through to production, setting up two out of the three episodes and writing scripts for many of the sequences.

Channel 9 

Baby Sharks

Assistant Producer (self-shooting)

A one-off special for National Geographic covering six species of shark in their early life stages, filmed in Australia and the US. I set up and wrote four out of the six sequences and shot topside on the bull shark sequence.


Shooting Assistant Producer

Big Miracles

Bondi Rescue

Channel 9

Channel 10 & Sky


Cocaine Trade Exposed: The Invisibles

National Geographic & SBS

Great White Double Trouble

Discovery Channel

Three Blue Ducks

Channel 10